PET Reading Part 2

The people below in 1-5 are all looking for a place to go on holiday.
Look at the descriptions of eight places. (A-H)
Decide which place would be most suitable for each person.
image-1Alan and Mike would like to spend some time in a seaside town where they can do water sports and be taught some basic diving using an air tank.
image-2Jim is studying architecture and prefers holidays where he can follow this interest. He also wants to try some thrilling outdoor activities.
image-3Sue needs a rest after working hard, but she wouldn't like to go to the seaside. She wants to find a holiday that combines opportunities to meet friendly people and visit more than one country.
image-4Alice wants to go on a short break which will give her the opportunity to relax and think about her appearance and her health.
image-5Rahul would like to go to Australia but he has very little money. He wants somewhere with a good beach and a lot of activities.
  • A) Catalonia
    Baobab Travel

    Catalonia is an ideal destination for adventure and family activities. Bordered by the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, Catalonia offers a beautiful and diverse location for this incredible multi-activity holiday.
  • B) DVT
    Dive Worldwide

    With resorts around the Canary Islands, we have a variety of scuba diving sites for you to choose from. We are all professional divers ourselves and understand what makes a perfect diving holiday. DVT dive centres are available for adults and children 12 years and above.
  • C) Jana Holidays
    Ecuador and Colombia

    Experience Ecuador and Colombia in under two weeks. A mixture of Andean landscapes, colonial cities, the coffee zone, and welcoming locals. Begin in Bogota, where our local guides can take you on a walking tour to La Candelaria to explore beautifully preserved colonial buildings and other important sites.
  • D) Virgin Travel
    Multi-destination holidays

    The beauty of a multi-center holiday is that it allows you to fit more of what you love into a single trip. You can shop yourself in Los Angeles, then unwind on the beach in Florida. It's the perfect opportunity for anybody who wants a jam-packed trip.
  • E) Absolute Travel
    The Spanish Pyrenees

    A multi-activity adventure holiday in Spain that will see you explore the Spanish Pyrenees with several guided tours – walking, climbing, rafting and canyoning. We'll also visit Zaragoza, which is a treasure trove of cultural and historical gems. Tourists will find many magnificent buildings and ancient Roman ruins.
  • F) Escape Holidays

    The best way to get a good deal in this tropical paradise is through a dream package holiday that bundles accommodation with airfares, meals, and activities. The beaches in Sydney are beautiful, with the world-famous Bondi Beach just a short bus ride from the city centre.
  • G) First Choice
    Spas - Costa del Sol & Andalucia

    There are eight classic spas in lovely natural surroundings in Andalucía. Most of them are near or in beautiful villages and are located at the source of natural spring waters. Beauty treatments include a range of scrubs, masks, peels, wraps, and massages.
  • H) Carnar Diving & Watersports
    Snorkelling Holidays

    The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean offer many snorkelling opportunities, including the dive sites of the Bahamas. Between July and November, huge numbers of whale sharks gather to feed on plankton and krill around the shallow waters of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.