PET Reading Part 2

The people below in 1-5 all want to visit a museum.
Look at the descriptions of eight museums. (A-H)
Decide which museum would be most suitable for each person.
image-1Cristina would like to visit a museum and see people making things. She wants to buy some souvenirs to take home.
image-2John is studying Art History and is particularly interested in the old masters from Holland and their paintings. He has only time on Sundays.
image-3Alan is a teacher and wants to spend a day looking at scientific discoveries and modern inventions. His 8-year-old daughter will probably go with him.
image-4Sandra would like to visit a museum, which has exhibitions of ceramics from the past. She wants to have lunch there as well.
image-5Stephen is a student and wants to combine a visit to a museum with a walk in the open air. He would also like to attend a practical demonstration there.
  • A) The Open Air Museum
    The Open Air Museum is one of the oldest and largest in the world. Spread across 54 acres of land, the museum houses more than 40 farms, houses, and mills from the period between 1740-1950. The museum offers presentations on a daily basis nearly all year long.
  • B) The Museum of Crafts
    The mission of the Museum of Crafts is to enhance the appreciation and understanding of England's past by presenting the culture, history, and lives of ordinary people through demonstration and exhibition and of the trades and crafts. The museum shop offers an excellent range of fun and educational gift items.
  • C) Museum of Fine Arts
    Organised by the MFA, this splendid exhibition proposes a new approach to understanding 18th-century Dutch painting. It includes 35 carefully selected, beautifully preserved portraits, landscapes, genre scenes, and seascapes borrowed from European private and public collections. The museum is open daily except for Sundays.
  • D) The Museum of Technology
    At MOT, the Museum of Technology, people of all ages can see and do amazing things every day. Ride in the only hydrogen car open to the public, witness what's next in 3D Printing the Future. There are child-friendly options available, and families are always welcome.
  • E) Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)
    The outstanding exhibition, Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt, will be on view at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) until October 26. Anyone should make an effort to see this display of beautiful 17th-century art. The exhibition is open seven days a week.
  • F) The National Railway Museum
    Based on the site of the biggest passenger railway station in the world, the National Railway Museum truly is a museum for everybody. Kids, small and big, will be fascinated by the exhibitions, while the enormous collection of historic working machinery and vintage vehicles is fascinating.
  • G) Middleport Pottery
    Travel back in time and discover the history of Dutch pottery, including a fabulous collection of "Gouda plateel." The top pieces of it are being exhibited in room 28. See items from Gouda on display and visit the museum shop and café.
  • H) The Kroneberg Porcelain Museum
    The Kroneberg Porcelain Museum exhibits examples of the well-known porcelain factory's production from 1867-1983. You will find unique artwork from different periods and countless examples of household china. Our cafe is temporarily closed due to a gas leak.