PET Reading Part 5


Read the text below and choose the correct word (A, B, C or D) for each space.

Where Were LOGO Bricks Invented?

In 1932, a carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen started a company in Billund, Denmark, that (1) ... wood stepladders, ironing boards, and toys. He named the company LEGO, a word (2) ... by combining the first two letters of leg and godt, the Danish word (3) ... "play well." Soon, Kristiansen was making only high-quality toys out of wood.

After World War II, LEGO started producing plastic toys. In 1949, the company launched Automatic Binding Bricks, its first interlocking construction blocks. In the 1950s, the name was changed to LEGO bricks, and the company came out with the LEGO System of Play, which included 28 sets and 8 vehicles. It (4) ... began selling the toys (5) ... of Denmark for the first time. In 1958, LEGO received a patent for the modern bricks so famous today. The new bricks not only had studs on top, but tubes inside that lock onto the studs of (6) ... bricks and hold them securely together.

  1. A) did B) turned C) reached D) made
  2. A) formed B) organised C) sorted D) regulated
  3. A) from B) for C) to D) after
  4. A) too B) either C) also D) above
  5. A) outside B) apart C) away D) outdoors
  6. A) next B) another C) other D) others

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