PET Reading Part 6

For each question, write the correct answer. Use only one word in each gap.

My New House

Guess what! We moved to a new house last week. It's really great! It has two floors. On the ground floor, (1) ... is a spacious living room with a stone fireplace. Next (2) ... the living room, we have a big kitchen. My mum likes spending her time there, as she loves cooking.

We have a bathroom on each floor. I'm very happy (3) ... I have my own room. It's on the first floor, opposite my brother's bedroom. And my parents' bedroom is on the second floor. We also have a beautiful garden in front of the house. There aren't (4) ... trees or bushes because my mum loves tulips. That's why this garden is full (5) ... tulips!

We also have a small backyard behind the house, (6) ... I usually spend my free time and play with my friends. But I can't ride a bike or play with my dog there.