PET Reading Part 6

For each question, write the correct answer. Use only one word in each gap.

Something About Me

I'm Oliver, and I live in a house with my parents, two sisters - Sophia and Alice and a dog. We live near the railway station, but my school is (1) ... far from my house to go on foot so it takes about 25 minutes to get there (2) ... bus. There's a big park with green lawns opposite our house, but there aren't any shops.

My grandparents live in a small cottage (3) ... the country. I often go to visit them with my parents. When the weather's good, I go mountain biking in the forest. There's also a big lake, (4) ... the whole family can sail a boat on it. I love spending holidays with my grandparents.

Art is (5) ... of my favorite subjects in school. I really enjoy painting and drawing. My parents have a big collection of my landscape paintings. I'm going to be (6) ... artist and have my own studio. I will not be a doctor like Mum because it's a very difficult job. And I don't want to be an accountant like Dad. Working in an office is not for me!