PET Grammar - Past Simple - Past Continuous 1

Match the verbs in bold to the uses of the past tenses. Past Continuous => PC/Past Simple => PS ANSWERS
  • I saw a great film two weeks ago.
  • She was reading a book while I was watching TV.
  • I was talking with Ann when the telephone rang.
  • First he woke up, then he had breakfast.
  • I studied German when I was a child.
  • This time yesterday I was playing football.
  • John was always coming late.
  • I lived in Ireland for five years.
  • (PC) interrupted actions in progress
  • (PS) a series of actions in the past
  • (PC) action going on at a certain time
  • (PS) duration in past
  • (PS) completed action in the past
  • (PC) repeated actions irritating the speaker
  • (PS) habits in the past
  • (PC) parallel actions