Zero Conditional

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb provided. ANSWERS
1) If you water to 100 degrees, it to boil. (heat/start)
2) Susan late for work if she the train at 8.30. (be/miss)
3) My son his exams if he hard. (pass/work)
4) If Janet , tell her to me at the office. (phone/meet)
5) Unless you your test, you can’t a car. (pass/drive)
6) She always expensive clothes if she shopping. (buy/go)
7) John usually lunch outside unless it . (eat/rain)
8) When Sarah out of the office, I her calls. (be/take)
9) I always to music when I by train. (listen/travel)
10) If you to go, a ticket. (want/buy)