Grammar - Present Perfect - Past Simple 1

Complete the sentences with the verbs from brackets in the correct form. Use the present perfect or past simple tense. ANSWERS
1) Look! The road is closed. There (be) an accident.
2) I (lose) my umbrella. I can't find it anywhere.
3) She (move) to Italy last May. She (live) there for eleven months now.
4) Last week, Julia and Tim (go) to the theatre.
5) I am so excited to have a pygmy goat. I (always/want) one.
6) He (not be) at work since he (break) his hand.
7) When she was a child, she (live) in Canada for five years.
8) Ever since Ann (get) married last year she (be) more responsible.
9) It's years since Mr Palmer (become) an artist.
10) That's a wonderful film. I (see) it two times.