Grammar - Present Perfect - Past Simple 2

Complete the text with the correct from of the verbs in brackets. Use the present perfect or past simple tense. ANSWERS

The Accident

Robert (1) ... (have) two accidents this year. The most recent accident (2) ... (happen) the day before yesterday. A young man (3) ... (crash) into his car in the supermarket car park. The man (4) ... (get) out of his van and (5) ... (yell) at Robert. He (6) ... (be) very angry. He said, "I'm an excellent driver. I (7) ... (never have) an accident before. This is your fault." When Robert (8) ... (come) back home, his wife (9) ... (be) very upset. She said, "The car (10) ... (cost) us €500 to repair after your last accident. I'm really worried that you (11) ... (become) a bad driver." Robert said, "It wasn't my fault. The other driver (12) ... (fail) to stop at a red light, and then he hit me. I (13) ... (be) very careful since the last accident. This (14) ... (be) the worst day of my life!