PET Grammar - Present Simple - Present Continuous 1

Match the verbs in bold to the uses of the present tenses. Present Continuous => PC/Present Simple => PS ANSWERS
  • The Volga is the longest river in Europe.
  • They are living in a rented flat at present.
  • The train leaves in twenty minutes.
  • Kelly is working right now.
  • She is getting taller and taller every day.
  • Jack sometimes plays football.
  • She lives in Los Angeles.
  • I am meeting my sister at 3 tomorrow.
  • (PC) happening at the time of speaking
  • (PS) permanent states
  • (PS) something that is generally true
  • (PC) temporary situations happening now
  • (PS) daily routines or repeated actions
  • (PS) future scheduled events
  • (PC) future arrangements
  • (PC) changing situations