PET Vocabulary - Opposites (Adjectives) 2

Complete the following sentences with the opposite of the word in capitals. Choose from one of the following adjectives in the box. Use each word only once. ANSWERS
nervous | complicated | untidy | pretty | early | heavy | awake | absent | careful | deep
1) You must be when handling chemicals. CARELESS
2) The mansion is on an island surrounded by a lake. SHALLOW
3) The band seemed to be just another bunch of girls with no talent. UGLY
4) Diane felt really before the interview. CALM
5) He always leaves his clothes in an heap on the floor. TIDY
6) The brain is like a very powerful, very computer. SIMPLE
7) It was very early and I was only half . ASLEEP
8) You're ! I wasn't expecting you till eight. LATE
9) Jim was struggling with a suitcase. LIGHT
10) They were talking about friends. PRESENT