PET Vocabulary - Opposites (Verbs) 2

Complete the following sentences with the opposite of the word in capitals. Choose from one of the following verbs in the box. Use each word only once. ANSWERS
buy | slow down | drop | catch | allow | teach | enter | whisper | defend | marry
1) Be careful not to that vase, it's priceless. PICK UP
2) His parents always him to stay out late. FORBID
3) Mark told me he was going to again. DIVORCE
4) I'm going to the black BMW with dark tinted windows. SELL
5) Troops have been sent to the borders. ATTACK
6) I'll have to the train to Hamburg. MISS
7) I French at the local comprehensive. LEARN
8) Time seemed to as he fell. SPEED UP
9) You don't have to , no one can hear us. SHOUT
10) Please do not through the back door. EXIT