Confusing Adjectives 2

Complete the following sentences with the appropriate word. ANSWERS
In 1912, Robert Frost made the decision to sell his farm and move to England to become a poet.

Alice only managed to get a glimpse of the photo before Tom snatched it away from her.
Captain Cook named the place Botany Bay because of the jungle vegetation surrounding it.

Seven Seas Explorer, the most ship ever built, will visit Zeebrugge on September 11.
Russia's largest oil producer Rosneft said on Friday it has reached an agreement with Sistema.

Amanda was a very good looking woman, with an and warm personality.
State of Texas certified that Novel coronavirus COVID-19 poses an threat of disaster.

Stephen Perry was an and widely respected psychiatrist with a highly successful private practice.
The duke, who wore dress, was attending the parade as colonel of the regiment.

Putting on a hat can be a act, an elegant gesture in the ritual of dressing.