Moods and Feelings 2

Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. ANSWERS
exuberant | witty | resentful | composed | dismayed | preoccupied | affable | envious | malevolent | remorseful
1) Some of the old guard were that a newcomer had been appointed to the post.
2) David knew that he messed up, and he's just very, very for punching a woman.
3) The election result has left Republican Party members confused, and dejected.
4) Her infectious laugh and her personality will be greatly missed by her friends and colleagues.
5) A person desires to cause pain mainly because he believes the other person is evil.
6) Sarah was too with her own life to notice her daughter’s problems.
7) Generally, a person is such kind of person who has the characteristics of making everyone laugh.
8) It was several minutes before Martin felt enough to speak to anyone.
9) We are of the situation in the north of the country where broadband is available in every area.
10) Ann was a pleasant, and popular lady who was greatly liked throughout the community.