Movement 2

Complete each of the sentences with a verb from the box, making sure that it fits grammatically into the sentence. ANSWERS
stride | limp | trample | tiptoe | elbow | glide | stagger | wade | stalk | shuffle
1) At least 9 men were to death when a stampede broke out Thursday among thousands of Afghans.
2) I was walking home last night when I noticed an old drunk along the road.
3) If your child is , it's usually the sign of a minor injury such as a sprain or splinter.
4) The horses their feet nervously as we waited in the dim, gray light of the gully.
5) The party was so packed with people that I had to my way just to get to the bathroom!
6) The soldiers through the mud and snow on the way to battle.
7) Helen came out of the station restaurant into the bitter wind and across the car park.
8) The plane across the sky as it gradually advanced towards its destination.
9) Lions are known to when they hunt, quietly pursuing their prey until they're ready to pounce.
10) He out of the room, the floorboards creaking, trying not to wake his children.