Advanced Vocabulary - Types of People 1

Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • interlocutor
  • stalwart
  • hermit
  • warder
  • predecessor
  • entrepreneur
  • prude
  • artisan
  • vagrant
  • poacher
  • someone who uses money to start businesses and make business deals
  • a person taking part in a conversation with you
  • someone who does skilled work with their hands
  • someone whose job is to guard prisoners in a prison
  • someone who catches and kills animals illegally
  • a person living in solitude as a religious discipline
  • someone who is very easily shocked by anything relating to sex
  • someone with no home or job who asks people for money
  • a person who has been loyal for a long time
  • a person who did a job before somebody else