Advanced Vocabulary - Words And Expressions of Foreign Origin 2

Fill in the blanks with the words (phrases) from the box. ANSWERS
juggernaut | hoi polloi | nouveau riche | modus vivendi | panache | bona fide | bulwark | malaise | victor ludorum | in flagrante delicto
1) Despite its ever-growing population of , nearly 400 million Indians still live below the poverty line.
2) The revelation was completely bogus as it was a completely and legal transaction.
3) China, instead of being defensive about its role in pandemic's spread, has re-started its economic .
4) Helen witnessed her husband with another woman in one of the bedrooms of her home.
5) The disease has an insidious onset and presents with fever, and weakness.
6) To some extent, this reflected a standoff or even a temporary between the antagonists.
7) Excelling in many sports Greg achieved the rare distinction of being – the leading sportsman.
8) Sabrina will be in the VIP lounge where she doesn't have to mix with the .
9) Because the band played with such , everyone in the audience had a great time.
10) The country is valued as a of peace, stability, and democracy in a difficult region of the world.