Collocations - Adjective + Noun 4

The adjectives and nouns in the two boxes below can be combined to make collocations, which can then be used to complete the sentences underneath. ANSWERS
harrowing | passing | saving | downright | unrivalled | widespread | daunting | derelict | rampant | common building | task | collections | lie | experience | criticism | grace | reference | knowledge | inflation
1) I hate this flat. Its only is that it's near the city centre.
2) The museum boasts of exquisite furniture and artefacts.
3) It's that a child who misses a meal can't concentrate in school.
4) Ann was faced with the of learning the whole script in a few days.
5) This is a , there have been no real studies that have been able to prove this.
6) The governor made only a to the problem of unemployment.
7) The ousting of the president has drawn across Latin America and the wider world.
8) The Fire and Rescue Service attended a serious fire at a in Hastings overnight.
9) The country has endured and critical food and fuel shortages.
10) All three players survived, but it was a for the team and coaching staff.