Collocations - Ing Adjectives

Fill in the blanks with the adjectives from the box that collocate with the nouns. ANSWERS
shrinking | stumbling | saving | sweeping | excruciating | extenuating | breathing | recurring | stamping | besetting
going concern a business that is operating and making a profit
1)   circumstancesthe specific reasons that excuse or justify sb's actions
2)   sina particular bad feature or habit – used humorously
3)   blocka problem that stops you from achieving something
4)   generalization a statement that is too general and therefore not valid
5)   dreama dream that you have again and again
6)   graceone good aspect or feature of something
7)   spacean opportunity to pause, relax, or decide what to do next
8)   grounda place where someone regularly spends time
9)   violetan exaggeratedly shy person
10) painextremely strong pain that is difficult to endure