Dependent Prepositions - Adjectives 3

Match the sentence on the left to the sentence on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • The young men were happy, but a little abashed
  • He was an unambitious person destined
  • ​Financial investment managers are a little lukewarm
  • Susan felt nervous, increasingly lacking
  • She had run away from home, intent
  • There is a row of houses immediately adjacent
  • Being in Rome, he was naturally desirous
  • The expedition throught the jungle was fraught
  • All of humanity, probably, is descended
  • His own failure made him malevolent
  • about the prospects of these bonds.
  • of seeing the Pope, and hearing him prelect.
  • on making a career in music.
  • with difficulty and danger.
  • by all the magnificence.
  • from a thousand people who left Africa.
  • in confidence about herself.
  • towards those who were successful.
  • for a commonplace job.
  • to the swimming pool.