Dependent Prepositions - Adjectives 5

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions. ANSWERS
1) Many of the Kensington pupils were very apprehensive their first visit to Russells Hall.
2) It is apparent archaeological sites that sub-Saharan peoples developed iron metallurgy independently.
3) The media seem completely baffled the fact that they've lost the trust of the American people.
4) It will close more than 100 shops resulting the layoffs of an estimated 1,000 employees.
5) Make sure you are fully conversant each piece of work before you write about it.
6) Heedless the danger from machine gun fire, they intended to sacrifice themselves to allow others to escape.
7) Henny Jurriëns, was one of The Netherlands best known dancers, noted his kind and generous character.
8) Newly planted, young plants can be more susceptible frost damage than fully established specimens.
9) You did a great job! We are very pleased and appreciative all your hard efforts.
10) The writer was so absorbed his work that he did not hear his visitor enter the room.