Dependent Prepositions - Adjectives 6

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions. ANSWERS
1) Social media bosses could be held personally accountable harmful content published online.
2) Sometimes the UK seems completely isolated the main stream of European culture.
3) From start to finish their staff has been superb and diligent their help with my case.
4) North Korea’s activity on nuclear weapons and missiles is inconsistent its pledge to denuclearise.
5) In my view, Frank is mistaken South African cultures on the sideline of national politics.
6) The existing system seems to be congenial research labs but burdensome to manufacturing.
7) How can she tell whether a number is divisible another number without actually doing the division?
8) Adara wears a distinctive black outfit and is strictly observant religious laws.
9) In December 1941 we were all aghast the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.
10) The idea that a feudal bond could be bought or sold was repugnant the ruling class.