Dependent Prepositions - Nouns 5

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions. ANSWERS
1) The governor has enjoyed a huge surge the polls in the wake of last month's convention.
2) Even when there's no direct reference the epics, the audience sees the films in these terms.
3) Steve showed an early aptitude music and began playing his guitar with a neighborhood band in his teens.
4) The purpose of this position is to ensure compliance City building codes for commercial properties.
5) The onslaught Hitler's Rhine had been very, very carefully planned by Montgomery and Dempsey.
6) Because Robert has a mistrust doctors, he is reluctant to seek help for his medical concerns.
7) South Sudan gained independence Sudan in July 2011, but the hard-won celebration was short-lived.
8) Most men don't have the traditional preconception gender roles anymore, and I'm glad.
9) Akito Watabe will make a third attempt winning an Olympic medal in the Nordic combined event in Sochi.
10) The city of Portsmouth has paid tribute Normandy veterans in the presence of world leaders.