Dependent Prepositions - Verbs 3

Match the sentence on the left to the sentence on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • In 2011, two ex-presidents were embroiled
  • By the age of six, most people have been exposed
  • Greece's new government is aiming
  • Empty the vacuum or seal and dispose
  • This wet summer makes me hanker
  • Somebody broke into a van and tampered
  • These negative results are kept well concealed
  • We all listened as he expounded
  • Staff should ask the person being visited to refrain
  • How can they even conceive
  • at a 50% reduction in unemployment.
  • with the steering and ignition panels.
  • from smoking inside the premises.
  • of its bag outside your home after each use.
  • on the government's new policies.
  • in corruption scandals.
  • of doing such an appalling thing?
  • for a holiday in the sun.
  • to the virus, called reovirus.
  • from the public's eyes.