Dependent Prepositions - Verbs 5

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions. ANSWERS
1) There was a time when people on buses and Tubes didn't just fiddle their phones.
2) Police urged those facing tough economic times to get help rather than resort violence.
3) After Gemma lost the part in the school play, she would sit and fret her situation.
4) In Greece, thousands of people have moved to black market barter goods and services to make ends meet.
5) Could you elaborate your government policy as regards environmental protection and human rights?
6) Tuberculous infection may result vertebral collapse and a sharply angulated deformity.
7) By accessing and using the Services, you acknowledge and agree to abide these terms of use.
8) They proposed a smaller army to be composed better-equipped and better-trained soldiers.
9) The economy of Brazil is emerging recession but its recovery remains weak and will be gradual.
10) I don't stop in the street and gape beautiful women, because honestly, there aren't many of them.