Dependent Prepositions - Verbs 6

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions. ANSWERS
1) They live in a tiny New York City apartment, cluttered her mother's narcissistic paintings.
2) If you have missed a tutorial, you must contact your Tutor to account your absence.
3) Alcohol is implicated an enormous amount of crime, and the effects on victims can be devastating.
4) The defence lawyers claimed that the prisoners had been subjected cruel and degrading treatment.
5) Almost half the country strongly disapproves the president, making it hard for him to find new supporters.
6) Professor Williams writes comprehensively on new media arts and lectures Modern and Contemporary Art.
7) It was the first novel set in Ethiopia that I had read that didn't wail poverty and slums.
8) Supporters of the death penalty argue that it would deter criminals carrying guns.
9) Ann helped her sister up while still roaring the boys, who didn't seem to notice the accident.
10) If your product doesn't appeal a market, you may never recoup the cost of bringing your idea to life.