Advanced Idioms - Colours

Complete the following sentences with the words from the box. ANSWERS
dark | colour | black | green | pink | grey | white | red | yellow | blue
1) Adam has to do quite a lot of digging and planting very soon, but he really hasn't got fingers.
2) Saturday was a -letter day for Susan. She got a lot of birthday presents from her friends.
3) Surely they'll come up with an acceptable solution if they use some matter.
4) The tracks outside the house lend to his claim that somebody tried to break in last night.
5) I used to spend a lot of time in Dublin, but now I only go there once in a moon.
6) Mr Jones says he was kept in the about the danger posed by the explosives.
7) Business is starting to improve; this is the first time we've been in the for six months.
8) Corporations, especially Indian ones, need to worry about -collar criminals.
9) The girl students were so -bellied that they even feared their own shadows.
10) She was tickled when her old friend called her up to wish her on his birthday.