Advanced Idioms - Money

Complete the following sentences with the words from the box. ANSWERS
Dutch | rolling | nose | rags | region | root | books | strapped | ends | grease
1) Shania Twain rose from to riches to become the biggest-selling female country artist of all time.
2) Many people are struggling to make meet as wages are failing to keep pace with rising prices.
3) He’s been the managing director of the company for 20 years, so he must be in it by now.
4) The sale of his flat should raise, once the mortgage was repaid, something in the of £20,000.
5) My sister always complains that she's for cash, but it's no surprise when she won't go find a job!
6) Once a fortnight he and a group of friends would go at one of their four favourite restaurants.
7) In some countries, it is common practice to government officials' palms.
8) If money is the of all evil, then contempt and jealousy is the tree that blossoms from it.
9) Mark paid through the for dinner, in order to impress his girlfriend on their anniversary.
10) They are now saying that everyone is cooking the . If it's true, it's a very serious allegation.