Advanced Idioms - Character and Personality

Match the phrases on the left with the definitions on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • behind the times
  • a jack of all trades
  • a fair weather friend
  • a rolling stone
  • keep oneself to oneself
  • the salt of the earth
  • dead wood
  • a sitting duck
  • a stick-in-the-mud
  • not be cut out for sth
  • a person of great kindness, reliability or honesty
  • someone who doesn’t like to stay in one place
  • someone who refuses to try anything new
  • useless personnel or material
  • not aware of or using the latest ideas or techniques
  • to not be the right type of person for something
  • someone who stands by you when things are going well
  • someone who is easy to attack or easy to cheat
  • someone who has skill in many different areas
  • stay apart from other people