Advanced Idioms - Success and Failure

Complete the following sentences with the words from the box. ANSWERS
coffin | heart | flying | blank | house | dust | sweep | alley | feather | occasion
1) The young singer's performance brought the down; the applause lasted for about ten minutes.
2) His first experiment was a blind , but the second one gave him very promising results.
3) The Court's decision is yet another European nail in the of British liberties.
4) Certainly it is a very poor play - but what a challenge for the actors and how well they rose to the .
5) George was rather nervous taking his final exam, but he passed with colours!
6) Judging by all that noise coming from my car, I'm pretty sure it's about to bite the .
7) To help him over his ordeal she has bought him the mountain bike he had set his on.
8) My wife drew a when we were getting interviewed at my son's school. I hope that he gets in now.
9) Ann will have one more in her cap after she has finished this incredibly difficult assignment.
10) In an effort to save the firm, the board of directors is making a clean of all upper management.