Advanced Idioms - Parts of the Body (nouns)

Complete the following sentences with the nouns from the box. ANSWERS
chest | eyes | teeth | arm | brain | face | heart | nose | leg | back
1) Ann's mother-in-law is always poking her into other people’s business.
2) Ever since Megan and Tom had set on each other they had been wondrously happy.
3) His exam results were disappointing but he tried to put a brave on it.
4) Why don't you tell him how you feel? It might do you good to get it off your .
5) Five kilometres across the mountains could be done in ten hours walking, if he put his into it.
6) The taxi broke down on the way to the airport and we just caught the plane by the skin of our .
7) Stop pulling my , I know there isn't a Hollywood director calling me right now.
8) In the beginning, she was going to marry David, but recently she’s had a change of .
9) I can't believe this laptop has broken already; it cost me an and a leg.
10) I know dinner is at five, but I just have food on the — so do you want pizza or maybe kebab?