Advanced Idioms - Pairs 2

Complete the following sentences with the words from the box. ANSWERS
hale | wheel | dearest | tongs | cranny | sundry | ruin | airs | odds | wine
1) David knows every nook and of the city, so he’s the perfect guide.
2) I had the whole house cleaned out except for a few and ends that you might want to keep.
3) His pocket was not bottomless: he had to and deal like anyone else and it was not easy.
4) The house is much too big for her and it's been going steadily to rack and for years.
5) Sandra had found a much larger place than usual and invited all and to join them.
6) You can and dine at the nearby restaurants that serve a wide range of dishes.
7) He was only just sixty, and hearty, and still practising as a highly reputed solicitor.
8) She loved gardening. She went at it hammer and as soon as she got back from work.
9) The English do not like to show their feelings, even to their nearest and .
10) In Edinburgh I can still be myself, I don't have to put on any and graces here.