Advanced Idioms - Parts of the Body (verbs)

Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs from the box. ANSWERS
elbow | head | shoulder | hand | toe | foot | nose | back | face | thumb
1) You paid for lunch last week. Let me the bill for dinner today.
2) After failing an English exam, Mathew had to go home and the music.
3) Now we must be the grown-ups who the responsibility of cleaning up the mess we created.
4) The party was so packed with people that I had to my way just to get to the toilet!
5) Gina missed the last bus out of Norwich to Great Yarmouth, so she a lift.
6) You have to it to John. He’s really made a success of that company.
7) I don't want to the wrong horse, but it seems to me that Martin is the better candidate.
8) Senate Republicans tried to block all efforts by Obama to appoint someone to the agency.
9) I expect you to the line at all times if you want to remain at this company, Susan.
10) Reporters are always around, hoping to get a sensational story about one of them.