Advanced Idioms - Animals 1

Complete the following sentences with the words from the box. ANSWERS
butterflies | horses | bee | cat | goose | whale | duck | cows | crocodile | bull
1) David had never played football before, but he took to it like a to water.
2) Ann’s always going around opening windows. She’s got a in her bonnet about fresh air.
3) Being the determined person, he decided to take the by the horns and organise things for himself.
4) How did Dad find out we were planning a surprise party for him? Who let the out of the bag?
5) When little Hannah does not get what she wants she cries tears. It works every time.
6) I had in my stomach while waiting for the results of my exam.
7) You can talk till the come home, but you’ll never persuade me to go with you!
8) Hold your , will you! Let's have a discussion on this first before we jump to conclusions.
9) The kids had a of a time at the theme park and didn’t want to go home.
10) He hunted for the treasure for ten years despite everyone telling him it was a wild chase.