Advanced Idioms - Nature 1

Complete the following sentences with the words from the box. ANSWERS
water | cloud | bush | wood | air | rain | land | mountain | storm | tree
1) Steve has promised to come and see me again tomorrow , come or shine.
2) Don’t beat about the . Tell me exactly what you think is wrong with my work.
3) If you expect to borrow money from me, you are barking up the wrong .
4) The police's theory will not hold . The suspect has a watertight alibi.
5) The situation is so complex that many people are unable to see the for the trees.
6) Our neighbours are continually quarreling, but it is usually a in a teacup.
7) I have been walking on since I found out that I have been awarded a scholarship to study music.
8) I don't know the exact circumstances of his resignation, but he left under a bit of a .
9) I hadn't heard from her for years and was glad to find her still in the of the living.
10) He was only three minutes late! You're making a out of a molehill.