Advanced Idioms - Clothes

Complete the following sentences with the words from the box. ANSWERS
seams | socks | cap | shoestring | trousers | glove | boot | hat | shirt | collar
1) Hannah may give the impression that she wears the but it's Michael who makes the final decisions.
2) I can always depend on my brother. Any time I need help, he's there at the drop of a .
3) Since the hotel was bursting at the I spent the holiday at my uncle's cottage.
4) We sometimes disagree with each other, and we both get a little hot under the .
5) Last month she crashed her car, then she lost her job and now to it all her husband has left her!
6) I've worked hand in with Gina for years, so at this point we're familiar with each other's strengths.
7) If we don't pull our up and actually start working, then it could happen to us as well.
8) George was given the after just seven days of filming and replaced by Joseph Harrison.
9) We were living on a all the time he was enjoying himself down there.
10) It would have gone smoothly if you had been able to keep your on instead of trying to get in early.