Advanced Vocabulary - Phrasal Nouns 2

Complete each of the sentences with a phrasal nouns from the box, making sure that it fits grammatically into the sentence. ANSWERS
handover | go-ahead | blackout | downturn | lay-off | hold-up | outcry | bypass | kick-off | inlet
1) We see that in some countries the economic has indeed been extremely severe.
2) A is the method of starting and, in some cases, restarting play in a game of association football.
3) Proposals for a major housing development in Stone Cross have been given the by planners.
4) A man has been arrested at a home at Bulli in connection with an armed at a bank in Thirroul.
5) A fjord is a long, narrow of sea wedged between high cliffs, formed by a submerged glacial valley.
6) Video footage of stray dogs being poisoned by municipal staff has sparked a public in Lebanon.
7) One year ago, protesters commemorated the anniversary of Britain's of Hong Kong to China.
8) Several neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area experienced last night.
9) Automakers respond by reducing production, which leads to and reduced labour demand.
10) A new tunnel is now being built as part of the around the historic German town of Pirna.