Advanced Vocabulary - Phrasal Nouns 3

Complete the following sentences with verbs formed from the words in capitals. ANSWERS
1) A on a vaccine for Covid-19 has been announced causing widespread excitement. BREAK
2) The main to many of these products is that they tend to be too expensive. DRAW
3) A Boeing 777 plane had to abort landing seconds after due to storm Ciara. DOWN
4) Everyone benefited from limiting their of tea to just three or four cups a day. TAKE
5) The program is designed for who wish to get high school equivalency certificates. DROP
6) Protesters get creative by dressing up in costumes as an for their frustrations. LET
7) A from a member of the public led to the recovery of a haul of stolen goods. TIP
8) Hip-hop culture has been most affected by a drug on the airwaves. CRACK
9) I would estimate that, allowing for your , you have around £600 a month at your disposal. GO
10) The Israeli Navy has arrested a on board a container ship moored outside Haifa Port. STOW