Advanced Vocabulary - Phrasal Verbs (DOWN) 1

Match the phrasal verbs on the left with their definitions on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • clamp down on
  • back down
  • pin sb down
  • tone down
  • bucket down
  • come down to
  • hand down
  • track down
  • pull sth down
  • bring down
  • be the most important aspect of a situation or problem
  • force someone to make a decision about something
  • find someone or something after a long search
  • make something less forceful or offensive
  • make somebody lose power or be defeated
  • take strict action in order to prevent something, especially crime
  • give or leave something to somebody who is younger than you
  • destroy something or make it stop existing
  • admit that you are wrong or that you have lost an argument
  • rain heavily