Advanced Vocabulary - Phrasal Verbs (IN/INTO) 2

Complete each of the sentences with a verb from the box, making sure that it fits grammatically into the sentence. ANSWERS
have | do | rake | flood | turn | eat | blend | drink | stand | result
1) Martha sat on the terrace with her mouth open, in the stunning view.
2) In the past six years, tens of thousands of refugees into Europe, nearly half of which from Syria.
3) Sweden's controversial anti-lockdown strategy in a high death toll and no real economic gain.
4) The police stopped Marlon again last week. He thinks they it in for him.
5) Sluggish productivity growth meant that companies couldn't raise pay without into profits.
6) You should turn off all digital devices 30 minutes before you plan to in for the night.
7) When I got home I was completely in after all that running around.
8) The first secretary of state will in for the Prime Minister while he is in the hospital.
9) The top football clubs are in millions from sales of merchandise.
10) The new library in perfectly with the largely medieval town centre.