Advanced Vocabulary - Phrasal Verbs (MIXED) 1

Complete each of the sentences with a verb from the box, making sure that it fits grammatically into the sentence. ANSWERS
jump at | deprive of | hanker after | take aback | stumble across | abide by | mull over | sail through | go back on | stow away
1) Susan had expected everybody to the rules she had applied to her own life.
2) People on ships for many reasons but usually they are attempting to leave a region of conflict.
3) When a baby is oxygen at birth the consequences may last a lifetime.
4) All of us were a bit to learn that David was moving to Australia next month.
5) Ronaldo a promise to swap shirts after Sorrentino's saved his penalty.
6) Members of a diving club a trove of 1,000-year-old gold coins off Israel's Mediterranean coast.
7) There are still athletes who a British shoe that is strong and reliable.
8) She’s a real show supporter and the chance to throw her hat into the showgirl ring.
9) It's really important to find the right driving instructor to help you your driving test.
10) Before approving the budget, commissioners will many of these proposals and others.