Advanced Vocabulary - Phrasal Verbs (OFF) 1

Match the phrasal verbs on the left with their definitions on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • doze off
  • hit it off
  • ward off
  • tick off
  • trigger off
  • rip sb off
  • lay sb off
  • see sb off
  • make off
  • knock off
  • charge someone too much money for something
  • prevent something from harming you
  • stop doing something, especially work
  • stop employing sb because there is not enough work for them to do
  • start to sleep, especially during the day and without intending to
  • make something happen very quickly, especially a series of events
  • leave hurriedly, especially in order to avoid duty or punishment
  • have a good friendly relationship with somebody
  • go to a station, an airport, etc. to say goodbye to somebody
  • speak angrily to someone who has done something wrong