Advanced Vocabulary - Phrasal Verbs (OUT) 2

Complete each of the sentences with a verb from the box, making sure that it fits grammatically into the sentence. ANSWERS
take | wear | see | break | rule | cut | phase | stand | walk | ask
1) Dutch police do not out possibility of murder of two Russian women in Amsterdam.
2) We never finished our conversation. She just out on me in the middle of breakfast.
3) Front brakes often out more quickly than the rear brakes , so they need to be changed more often.
4) Child tax allowances were out following the introduction of child benefit in 1999.
5) You'll need your parents' permission if you want to out an insurance policy on their behalf.
6) Jannet found after a few months that she wasn't really out for life in the country.
7) Thank you for coming by for the interview. The receptionist will you out.
8) In my opinion, he out as being the most confident and self-assured of the three candidates.
9) I didn't really know what to say: I'd never been out by a woman.
10) We realised David had the chicken pox, because he out in a rash and had a dry cough.