Prepositional Phrases - OUT

Match the phrases on the left with the definitions on the right. The tiles in the right-hand column are sortable. ANSWERS
  • out of pocket
  • out of all proportion
  • ​out of range
  • out of the ordinary
  • out of bounds
  • out of character
  • out of sorts
  • out of one's depth
  • out of the blue
  • out of a hat
  • too far away to be reached, seen or heard
  • ill or upset
  • without warning, unexpectedly
  • unusual or different
  • as if by magic, at random
  • outside the limits of where one is permitted to be
  • in a situation that is beyond one's capabilities
  • having lost money in a transaction
  • not typical of a person’s behaviour
  • in the wrong relation to the size, shape, or position