Forming Verbs 3

Complete the following sentences with verbs formed from the words in capitals. ANSWERS
1) The new government may take steps to compliance with the new measures. FORCE
2) To the system, just briefly press down the accelerator pedal. ACTIVE
3) We hope the new council will an already cooperative relationship. INSTITUTION
4) Since Rob didn't win the contest, he is now trying to the competition as a stupid event. LITTLE
5) These children all that is wrong with the education system. PERSON
6) We decided to John as the spokesperson because Sarah no longer wanted the job. DESIGN
7) The scope of foreign policy expanded to areas previously considered unimportant. BRACE
8) She can improve her writing just by some of these long sentences. SHORT
9) Among other things, he alleged that CIA had tried to the Johnson governments. STABLE
10) Fathers, do not your children, or they will become discouraged. BITTER