Collocations - Adverb + Verb 2

The adverbs and verbs in the two boxes below can be combined to make collocations, which can then be used to complete the sentences underneath. ANSWERS
deeply | flatly | categorically | richly | distinctly | closely | actively| sorely | badly | strongly condemned | deserve | refused | encourage | regret | remember | resemble | tempted | damaged | deny
1) I Martin saying that the show started at eleven o'clock.
2) Vienna was heavily bombed and many of its famous buildings were or totally destroyed.
3) Although he was seriously wounded, he to quit the battle line.
4) The UAE has the terror attack that targeted a security outpost near the US Embassy.
5) Educational institutions should their students to choose fields of study.
6) We that, due to the high number of requests, many of them could not be attended.
7) It must be heartening for the company to enjoy such royal favour; they it.
8) Employees are to do what is expedient instead of what is ethical.
9) We the rumors about alleged conversations in relation to the sale of the company.
10) Despite its name, the honey badger does not other badger species.